Experience Your Best Summer Ever!

Discover Boating

Boating is family friendly

1. Boating has no age barriers - there are activities for all ages

2. Gets the kids away from the computer, TV and video games

3. 'Forces' the kids to talk to us face to face

4. You can't text message while you're wakeboarding

5. Fresh air is good for you

6. Memories aren't made by computer chips; they're made by shared activities

7. Time spent on a boat is quality time

8. Lets you make a connection with the kids that doesn't require Bluetooth

9. Boating is educational - teaches kids about nature, navigation and communications

Boating is affordable

1. Can buy a new boat for about $250.00 per month

2. A month of boating fun costs less than one day at a ballpark or amusement park

3. Boats can be financed like cars

4. Some boats are tax deductible

5. It's an investment in your family that pays big dividends: Memories are priceless

6. Even with a limited budget, there's no limit to the fun you can have with a boat

7. You can't put a price on quality family time

8. Gives your vacation dollars a real workout - you can put'em to use every weekend

9. Compared to other family-friendly activities, boating is a real bargain

10. Boating can S-T-R-E-T-C-H your vacation budget: A 2005 AAA survey found that lodging, and dining for a family of four on vacation costs, on average, $247 per day - a figure that DOES NOT include air fare, car rental or entertainment such as theme park admissions

Boating reduces stress

1. Makes it easy to go out on a whim

2. Can get away without going far away

3. Fresh air and sunshine never made anyone feel bad

4. Rocking the boat won't get you fired. (Damp, maybe - if you go overboard, that is)

5. One place where making waves is actually fun

6. No phones, No fax machines, No traffic

7. Networking involves fish, not sucking up to office managers

8. You're the Captain

9. No deadlines

10. Unlike the loons in the office, the loons on the lake are entertaining OR when a loon calls on the lake, you don't have to call him back!